Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music at Reverb Nation....

I've just created a page at the Reverb Nation site for a sampling of some music I've recorded in the past 10+ years.  Tracks come from all three Many Bright Things albums, the In The Summer Of The Mushroom Honey album, and elsewhere.  I also added two videos from the multi-part video project by Oren Darling - "Three Miles South of Distant" - which features additional music.

The tracks are streaming audio and require no downloading.  There are space limitations which result in time limitations which result in some tracks cutting out before they should, but a Google search for any of these titles will take you to music blogs where all the complete albums are available for free downloads; think of this site then as a kind of musical sampler plate.

I'll continue to add odds and ends at the site so check back every so often and see what's new.


Anonymous said...

Far Out!

Stan Denski said...

It's so round, it's square.