Friday, March 23, 2012

It used to go like that....

Right wing fantasies used to involve hiding in the mountains and fighting invading Soviet troops ("Red Dawn," "Invasion USA," "Amerika"). But current right wing fantasies are different. Current fantasies involve building private arsenals to resist the "Islamic Marxist Kenyan dictatorship" the President (who is, when you remove the smoke and mirrors, basically a Nixon Republican) has planned to impose by fiendishly trying to make sure all Americans have decent health care. And that fantasy doesn't involve shooting Soviet troops, it involves shooting US troops. So, if you have those fantasies, you really shouldn't have that "Support the Troops" sticker on the back of your SUV, should you?

Think it through. There is no way any US government could seize control of the country and suspend the Constitution without the support of the US military. And I don't care how many Glocks, AR-15s and assorted deer rifles you have buried in the back yard, there's no private militia in this country who could defend itself against a single Boeing AH-64 attack helicopter.

If you buy into the black helicopters paranoia of today's far right wing you should be petitioning your representatives to have Timothy McVeigh's birthday declared a holiday.

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